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The following text is simply an intro to a not so typical water ski  and wakeboard club in North America.  For the latest news, click on ALL the above Bumfluff's but, we encourage you to read about us in the following. We are located at 53.4 deg nth latitude where the sun shines 18 hours per day in Summer and 6 in winter.  Our season lasts from May (Brrrr) to October (Brrrrr) although we have skied on April 7th (earliest) and around November 15th (latest) at our site.   The rest of the time, id be frozen man!  PS - As I am using a Microsnot product to produce this page, some elements don't work in Firefox!  I will fix it shortly with some Kweeeeelllll stuff!

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JANUARY 8, 2015

Okay, I finally got back into the program again and will post more as I figure it out!  Ha ha!

I finally figured out how to access this page again and hopefully update it shortly! The server guys switched to "webdav" format.  Duh - like tell someone!  Joey Zasada put up a FlakeBook page for the Wizard Water Ski & Wakeboard Club.  The link is in the Bumfluff so check it out and add comments at will!

Check out the Bumfluff for more newz!

By the way, this Website doesn't work on Firefox which is a pain in the butzola so you have to use the virus ridden IE exploiter.

Wizard Winter Skiing Pics

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The Wizard Water Ski Club is located about 75 km southwest of Edmonton, Alberta, on the south shore of Wizard lake. The club is one of the largest and oldest (since 1961) in Alberta. Our membership ranges from recreational skiers (re. Wally's) to past national champions (yes Vern Oberg did actually win the senior men's overall title a few years ago and Cindy Trueman was the Women's 3 National Champ!). Besides three event skiers, we also have many wakeboarders and barefooters (none of the barefooters are any good, but they always have lots of beer).  Actually, methinks we have more wakeboarders!  But, can't tell because they never get up until the afternoon.  We even have a few Air Chair wankers - lots of stuff to do here....

The club site itself is located on a parcel of land which was acquired in the early 60's as a long term lease from the Goodrich family. Now, the land is solely owned by the Wizard Water Ski Club.  The site consists of: the club shack (a clubhouse overlooking the lake), lakeside sauna/change room and pier, equipment and gas sheds, various club member cabins, slalom couse, ski jump, and of course a couple of ski boats (a 2006 Nautique 196, and a 92 Flightcraft outboard) and a wakeboard boat (2007 SuperAir Nautique). The down side is that Wizard Lake is fully accessible to the public and within an hours drive of Edmonton, so the lake can and does get swamped with (the curse of all ski clubs) wallies and jet skiers.

We are always looking for new members who are interested in more than just recreational skiing. If that sounds like you, come out to Wizard Lake and introduce yourself, or contact me (The Wizmeister).  If you are looking for information in general about waterskiing in the Province of Alberta, check out the Water Ski Alberta website

The Wizard Water Ski Club is loosely based out of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. If you are interested in water skiing, or our club, read on. I will be adding stuff on a regular basis, such as; more information on the Wizard Water Ski Club, tournament listings, links to other water skiing related web pages, and maybe a simple bulletin board for any postings people wish to send me.

As you may see thru these links are articles from The Wizard Bumfluff. Eh? Well, sometimes we have, we feel, interesting comments to make public and thus find the nearest paper to write them on and post them in an appropriate fashion. As well, since we do not have the luxury of indoor plumbing and the mice eat the tissue paper, sometimes these pieces of paper come in handy! For a look at the Club in a personal way, check out the following links as more will be added as the season goes on...

Gimmee a break, I got other things to do! Check out the links and get back here soon for updates!

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If you have any questions, comments, postings, or most likely corrections, E-mail me, TheWizmeister. Hey, anybody appreciates a little feedback/criticism etal when they work this hard to keep you informed! I will soon put up yer olde feedback page to and copy your letters/email on this connection (removing all the bad words of course)..... ;-)

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