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Official Newsletter of the 
Wizard Water Ski Club
  Fall 2007 Edition

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A Sad Day Indeed

Hey driver!  Pick up the pace a bit!

On November 29, 2007 our beloved lake friend passed away.  Chester Holbrook spent many years enjoying the very best of worlds running free at Wizard Lake.  He was loved by everyone and  along with them, I will surely miss him.  There were very few times in the mornings as I walked down to the dock to lower the boat into the water when Chester didn't come bounding down, and just jump right in the back!  It was his special place and he loved his boat rides! It seemed that every time I came to the cabin, he was right there waiting for me and La Princesa. 


When we were inside, he would be laying on the deck waiting for me to go for the boat or La Princesa to take him for a walk or just to get his head scratched.  He did go for his last cruise the day I took the boat out of the water - he always was the last to ride!!  Last Saturday, with the lake just frozen a few days before, I put on my skates and Ches and I went on a tour of Wizard Lake for the last time.  He loved his walks!


It's going to be hard not having him around but the times spent with Chester were special.
  Good bye old friend, we're going to miss you...


Hello dude! 25 KPH is my speed!  Slow down!!!


Winter is Upon Wizard

The lake is now frozen solid - This is a picture of Saturday, November 24, 2007

This was skate heaven!  But, as the cold November blizzard blew in 
this week, yer gonna need yer shovel to skate now!!!

This was the scene on November 4, 2007!  The next morning, there was some of the shoreline was frozen!  Not much skiing left on these waters but, some dummy had a wakeboard boat out on Saturday before the storm and came within inches of smackin' Hobb's monster rock in front of his cabana!  I rushed out anticipating the carnage which alack and alas - didn't happen!!!  Dang!!!

The 2007 Season is Done!


On October 12, 2007, the mighty slew crew came out in force to assist in the annual task of removing all the on-water equipment and packing up the club for yet another successful season.

It was a big turnout of the club members and we even had some time to ski behind the
 new club boat!  Cindy of course, was officially the first member behind the new rig.

And, uncle Louie got to be the first to drive this new rig on the waters of Wizard Lake!

So, as the ladies boarded up the cabin, and boyz 
pulled in the lifts, we say good-bye to another season!

Gurlz with drills - scary

And, we even found time to officially crown the 2007 Wizard Scragg!

So, we bid you adieu for this season, hope you had fun and we'll be back - bigger and better for the 2008 summer at Wizard Lake!  I will be updating the photo link soon!

Wizard Goes Nautique!


October 11, 2007 - This just in!!!  The Wizard Waterski Club now has 3 boats with the purchase of a 2004 Ski Nautique!  And, the boat has arrived in Edmonton thanks to Kevin Brackish and Bob Snoozeman.  They drove down to to Couteeville at the border, were promptly taken as illegal immigrants and were just about to be sent back to Iran when Bobsy told them to check out WWW.wizardwaterski.com.  However, after reading this web page, the border guards let them thru worrying that Bob may have more froggles in his pocket!  At any rate, the boat will be there for clean-up so, if you want to check out our new hot equipment, get down to the Club on Saturday, October 13, grab a ski and help with the fun!  Apparently tho, Louie won't be there because JO JO won't let him because his kid has hockey practice!  Ah well, the rest of us will!  BTW Lou, you don't mind if we borrow a couple of logs from yer woodpile so we can fire up the firepit???  he he he!

Click on the pics below to see other pics of the boat in Edmonton!

Looks good eh?

The 2007 Season is just about done Kids

With a couple of frosts behind us now and the water temperature hovering at 61 F and falling, we will soon be packin' up the toys and calling it a season.  Shut down and clean-up will occur on October 13th which last year, was a snowy weekend!  However, the coolish weather didn't stop the Wizmeister, Bambi and Bob from Skiing one last set on Sunday!  Don't know when the new boat will arrive but sometime soon.  In the meantime, check out what yer missing as the season comes to a close.

End of September, 2007

Yehblah 2007

A Strange Event Indeed!

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